April 2018
"I can’t say enough good about Dr. Dettori and her wonderful staff. I was very impressed with the professionalism, empathy and the friendly staff. I did not in anyway feel rushed in fact the opposite. My situation was explained fully and patiently making sure I understood."
"I would highly recommend this doctor and office!"
Carol J. - Vero Beach

April 2018
"I'm not sure I can convey in words how wonderful everyone in this office is. It's something you also have to "feel". Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. You can just tell the culture of the practice is to respect the patient and to put the patient at ease. They are the real deal, genuinely caring, warm, people who are not "faking" their interest in you as part of some customer service protocol. They really are just naturally that way. This goes for every single person I encountered there from the moment I walked in and was greeted by Joy. While waiting the few minutes before my appointment I could hear her on the phone and also interacting with her co-workers. You can tell this is a happy place to work. That kind of culture comes from the top of course, and that would be from Dr. Dettori herself. What a nice person! She takes her time (so rare nowadays) and explains every single little thing she's going to do before she does it. Your comfort is obviously a huge concern for her, not just your physical comfort, but your mental comfort too. You feel you can take your time to process what she's saying and have ample opportunity to ask anything. I felt sure she was recommending the optimum treatment while taking into consideration the cost/benefit of that treatment to me. Talking to her and the other staff, (including the woman who did my 3D Xray, sorry I cant remember her name!) was like talking to some good friends."
"I was referred by Dr.Horn. I'm going to be sure to thank him for that referral. I'm so grateful to have found this practice!"
Lesa M. -Stuart

March 2018
"Great expertise and support throughout the process. All staff are professional and helpful. Dr Dettori attends to patient comfort and well being. I highly recommend this office."
Carolie F. - Schofield, WI

March 2018
"This is an incredibly professional organization with excellent levels of courtesy. I've had two root canals, and pain for the procedure was almost zero -- with only slight soreness on the night-of. Excellence matters in health care, and Dr. Dettori along with her staff sets an example and standard."
Tim A. - Palm City

March 2018
"I cant thank Dr. Dettori enough for 2 reasons.....making my root canal as painless as could be & her compassion for people ! Being from out of state, I was apprehensive about finding someone who I could trust to do it right! She walked me through each step of the process so, I knew what to expect. The staff is so kind and respectful ! I would recommend Dr. Dettori !"
Sharon P. - Monroe, CT

February 2018
"I am beyond impressed with the skill level, patience, professionalism of Dr Dettiri and her assistant. I was sent with a double root thru crown root canal procedure that took nearly two hours. It was hard to find. She calmly worked thru completing the task. Never frustrated, explaining every move. She is the best along with her staff. What a great team. I was comfortable never anxious. You are #1. Thank you."
Gabrielle K. - Palm City

February 2018
"Wonderful experience! She took me as soon as my general dentist called her. She worked with me through the whole process. I never knew pain free dentistry existed but she made my root canal pain free. Thank you Dr Dettori and her wonderful staff. Top notch professionals."
Beverly F. - Hobe Sound

February 2018
"Dr. Dettori and her staff are such a blessing to our community. They are professional, kind and empathetic. Dr.Dettori is so gentle and she narrates the entire procedure. Tooth pain Is excruciating. An appointment with Dr. Dettori is nothing but relief!"
Barbie H. - Palm City

February 2018
"Dr. Dettori- You and your staff are absolutely fabulous in every way! I can't thank you enough for helping me out with my emergency situation and follow up! It was a pleasure to be there! Thank you so much again and have a fabulous New Year!"
Carolyn R. - Jupiter

January 2018
"The office staff are very fun and professional at the same time. Dr. Dettori is the BEST!!! She has a very genteel way about her. She puts you at ease the moment she enters the room. I had a Re-treat on an upper anterior tooth,that had had a root canal and then a crown. I never once experienced any pain during my procedure.A wonderful experience from start to finish.I will definitely recommend to my friends. Thanks to all."
Susanne M. - Hobe Sound

January 2018
"Dr Dettori and her staff are extremely professional and knowledgeable. They made me feel comfortable immediately. Dr Dettori talked me through the procedure one step at a time. The entire process, including the Novocaine, was painless. I could not have been more pleased."
Kari E. - Port St Lucie

January 2018
"After countless stories of the horrible experiences of other people, I was very anxious about my pending root canal. Once I arrived at Dr. Dettori's office the anxiety quickly faded. The entire staff are so professional while making you feel "at home". Dr. Dettori talks you through everything and is so gentle. The whole experience could not have been better. Thank you and your team."
Michael S. - Stuart

October 2017
"I was very impressed with my visit to the office of Dr Dettori. From the minute I walked in I felt a very professional and very warm feeling with everyone I came in contact with. Thank you! I would highly recommend the office of Dr. Dettori."
Veronica J.- Jensen Beach

October 2017
"From the moment I entered the office of Dr. Dettori, I felt calm and at ease. Everyone exhibited a friendlyness plus professional attitude. Dr.Dettori explained every move she made in working on my root canal, and the whole procedure took less time than I had anticipated. The whole team was great, and I would be happy to recommend you to my friends."
Laura B.- Port St. Lucie

October 2017
"I could not be more impressed.  The staff was caring, considerate and informative. My root canal was pain free and the care given by Dr. Dettori was gentle, experienced and quicker than anticipated. I recommend you and your team highly."
Andrea W.- Stuart

September 2017
"I was so worried about having a root canal because people talk about it like it's the worst thing that can be done to a person. However, my experience with Dr. Dettori was amazing! She did a root canal on my top left tooth in the very back of my mouth. After years of bigger and bigger fillings, followed by a crown, that poor tooth's nerve finally died, which led to an infection. The pain of that infection was the worst I have ever felt in my life. My dentist said it was time for a root canal and recommended Dr. Dettori. He looked me in the eye and promised me, "She will NOT hurt you," and he was right!
When I saw her for a consultation, she very patiently explained the procedure to me and even did a 3D scan of the tooth to make sure my wisdom teeth were not causing the issue. The whole thing took less than an hour. I was stunned by how easily and completely she numbed the area and quickly drilled it out. Best of all, her "bedside" manner is second to none. You can tell that her employees love working there. Everyone is so positive, and that makes a big difference.
Before I knew it, the root canal was over, and now I'm pain free. They even called the next day just to check in and see how I was doing. They care about you, and they are experts at what they do. I'd highly recommend Stuart Endodontics, and I'd encourage you not to worry about a root canal. I've had some truly great dentists over the years, but my root canal with Dr. Dettori was even easier than most fillings I've had done in the past."
W.W. - Port St. Lucie

September 2017
"This doctor and her entire staff makes you feel as if you are their family!! Never fear pain. Never fear uncaring hearts.  Dr. Dettori and her entire staff are a gift to your life."
Marcia D. - Stuart

August 2017
"Dr. Dettori is a fantastic dentist. I was very comfortable throughout my two root canal's procedures. She has a warm, professional personality and does superior dental work. Thank you."
Pat S. -Stuart

April 2017
"Dr Dettori operates one of the finest practices in Stuart. My wife had a root canal.  Dr. D. has golden hands.  She is a brilliant doctor and her practice is second to none. Her staff members who we have met at front end, Tiffany and Joy, absolutely professional and caring. You can tell when somebody really cares about their job and their patients.  The doctors assistant, Nancy,  knows exactly what tool Dr Dettori needs next.  Curious that I am,  I even got a tour of the office."
Robert H. -Palm City

March 2017
"Need a root canal?  Don't even THINK about it.  Go to Dr. Dettori, and run TOWARDS your root canal -- not away from it.  Yes, this is my advice despite running out the door and AWAY from my previous TWO root canals. I'm a "hyperventilator" by nature and made myself totally miserable trying to find the least scary root canal person.  As soon as I checked out Dr. Dettori's entire office (yes, the ENTIRE office and all the people), I knew I found my person.  She and Jeni had me in stitches through the whole thing!"
Jennifer H. -  Fort Pierce

February 2017
"Root canal procedures are never fun, however Dr. Dettori and her staff actually made the experience pleasant! I unfortunately needed two root canals at the same time. After having several unpleasant experiences with other endodontists in the past, i was preparing myself for the worst. Dr. Dettori was kind, fast, efficient, patient and professional. She went the extra mile to explain every step performed to ease any anxiety or concerns I might have. The office and waiting room are very pleasant and stylish. The dental chairs are super comfortable, my neck did not hurt afterwards like it had in other offices. Everyone in the office are very pleasant both on the phone and in person. I highly recommend Dr. Kimberly Dettori if you ever find yourself needing an endodontist!" 
Lauren P. - Port St. Lucie

February 2017
"My regular dentist referred me to Dr. Dettori due to severe pain I suffered in a crowned upper molar.  My appointment was scheduled the same day I called your office.  Your exam indicated that I required a root canal, my first one ever!  Dr. Dettori and her assistant explained everything as they progressed with the procedure.  I had no discomfort at all during the procedure and I am a pain free patient!  Thank you to Dr. Dettori and her staff for making the dental profession your careers."
Paul M. - Stuart

January 2017
"Even after suffering with a toothache for over a month, I was still dreading my appointment yesterday for a root canal. I've had root canals before but never before by Dr. Dettori.  Dr. Dettori was professional, respectful and talked me through the entire procedure - letting me know exactly what was happening. My root canal was virtually pain-free and I have no pain at all today! Nancy, Janet and staff were also top notch. Thank you Dr. Dettori!!"
Christina W. - Stuart

December 2016
"During Sept. and early Oct., I had radiation for a skin cancer behind my ear.  Mid-way through that, I had a very bad toothache.  The dentist thought it was a previous root canal "gone bad".  However, when I saw Dr. Dettori and and I agreed that there was a possibility that the radiation had affected a nerve which had caused pain in an upper tooth.   An antibiotic took care of the pain, and rather than doing a root canal, we decided to wait a month to see if the pain reoccurs.   The radiation treatments are over, so I'm hopeful that no further treatment is needed for the tooth.   The entire office is the nicest staff of any professional office I have seen and the building is attractive also.   My experience three years ago with this office was magnified this week.   I would certainly recommend Dr. D. to anyone who might need an endodontist."
Jane C. - Palm City

December 2016
"As a snowbird coming to FL needing a root canal you can imagine my fear of having a procedure done by someone I was unfamiliar with.  This fear was diminished from my first phone call to make an appointment. The staff is wonderful. Dr. Dettori could not have been more professional, patient, or compassionate.  Never have I had a doctor tell me exactly what I would be feeling every step of the way (without pain).  Her aftercare concern earns extra points.
Dr. Dettori is the kind of Dr. EVERY doctor should strive to be.  You are in good hands with her and her staff who went beyond my expectations to locate a dentist to complete an access filling for my root canal.
What a wonderful practice of caring individuals."
Joanne L. - Jensen Beach

November 2016
"I can only give the highest accolades to Dr. Dettori and the entire staff.  I felt welcomed each time I walked into the office. The procedures all went well. Thanks again Dr. Dettori and the entire staff."
Michael A. - Stuart

November 2016
"Dr. Dettori and her staff are more than outstanding, they are caring and patient.  They even called after both my visits to see how I was doing or if I had any pain. Any time I go to have any kind of dental work done, I am always dreading it.  This was by far a very easy experience.  My thanks to all of you for all your help and caring!!"
Jerry T. - Tequesta

October 2016
"Dr. Dettori & her staff were "ABSOLUTELY AMAZING “No other words to describe!! I walked into their office with pain, an infection & swollen face... she took care it right away with antibiotics & monitoring me for a root canal that was desperately needed...I felt no pain afterwards ... I know this is going to sound strange but it was the best root canal I ever had Pain free... thank you again for all your TLC... I would highly recommend your office to anyone I know.. Very Professional & Very Clean that's very important to me...."
Rose C. - Palm City

October 2016
"It isn't often that one can say it is a pleasure to visit one's dental office.  But Dr.Kim is a concerned, cautious and professional dentist.  She carefully explains each step in the procedure which serves to relax and comfort the patient. Moreover, the entire staff reflects the same friendly and caring attitude."
Hal A. - Palm City

September 2016
"When I came to Dr. Dettori at Stuart Endodontics,  I was in so much pain I could barely function. Her amazing staff made me feels welcomed and secure that I could get the care I needed. Dr. Dettori was also kind and very understanding.  When I had a need for a root canal a few days later she took calls from me and my wife to her personal phone line and even checked in on me on her own volition.  Truly an above and beyond experience. Five stars- I would recommend to anyone who needs endodontic work done to go here."
Dustin S. - Stuart

August 2016
"While the thought of a root canal is not pleasurable, my experience with Dr. Dettori and her office and staff surely was.  While it is debatable whether her skills or her chair side manners and personality are her best attribute, suffice to say that both are fantastic."
Andrew R. - Stuart

August 2016
"I had to go to Dr. Dettori about a loose tooth - that I was worried about losing. She and her team were a pleasure to deal with - and Dr. Dettori did everything she could to be sure that the treatment - a root canal - would save the tooth! When they did the treatment - it was virtually painless and no pain after either. I would highly recommend her if you need a root canal."
Christina C. -Stuart

July 2016
"After reading the other testimonials, there is little I can add. I agree with everyone. Dr. Dettori and her staff are true professionals in every respect. She makes you feel like a friend rather than a patient.  I had no qualms about the root canal procedure since she had performed one on my wife some time ago and I then was an observer. This time, I was almost happy to be a patient."
Vencil L. -Port Saint Lucie

July 2016
"From the second I walked into Dr. Dettori's office, I felt so welcomed by their great staff.  Not only are they extremely professional but they go out of their way to make you feel like you are very special and that they truly care about you.  I have had horrible experiences at other offices and businesses should take note from this practice on how to treat individuals.  I would recommend Dr. Dettori to anyone who needs a root canal.  I actually wish she could put my crown on!!!!!!  She made me feel great and also like you are part of a family.  She is truly amazing!!!!"
Trish C. - Port Saint Lucie

June 2016
"This was my second Molar Root Canal Therapy in my life and my first visit to this office. Needless to say I was apprehensive, as my first root canal procedure was not a pleasant experience. From the moment I walked into the office everybody I encountered on the staff was pleasant and very polite. After reviewing some paperwork, I was brought into the treatment room right on my scheduled appointment time. When Dr. Dettori walked into the room she introduced herself, shook my hand and proceeded to explain in detail what she was going to do. She was very professional during the whole procedure and I never had any pain or discomfort. In summary, today was a pleasant experience and thank you."
Frank L. - Hobe Sound

June 2016
"I highly recommend Dr. Dettori.  I came to her with a serious bacterial infection in the form of a complex dental abscess.  A root canal was required.  She timely and effectively treated my problem, and with great confidence and gentle caring.  I felt scared and overwhelmed when this occurred, yet Dr. Dettori was a consummate professional, a clear communicator and caring and sensitive to my needs at every turn."
Elizabeth P. -Jensen Beach

March 2016
"I just left the office a few hours ago and have been raving about how wonderful, professional and caring Dr. Dettori and her staff were.  I had never had a root canal and was, to say the least, very nervous.  Once the procedure began, I was no longer nervous, but pretty relaxed.  Dr. Dettori explained everything that was going on and she was very nice, as were all the staff there, from the front desk, to the back office staff.  I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Dettori and staff to anyone who may need a root canal procedure done."
Coleen A. -Palm City

February 2016
"Today I needed a root canal procedure. She had done a different tooth a year ago. Both times the procedure could not have been more professional. She tells you what she is going to do, and what to expect. She is truly caring and highly experienced. My wife and I own medical practices and we recommend her without reservation to our patients."
Rob G. - Palm City

January 2016
"Dr. Dettori and her staff were very diligent, professional, caring and accommodating. They make every effort to go above and beyond in the treatment and care of their patients."
Jason B. -Palm City

December 2015
"I had terrible pain in my lower tooth and Dr. Dettori’s office got me right in to take care of it. From the moment I walked in the door to the time I left, the staff was extremely friendly & helpful and put any fears or concerns I had at ease. As this was my first root canal, I was a little apprehensive. Dr. Dettori explained everything in detail before & during my procedure. I had absolutely no pain as the treatment was being performed. When I was finished, Dr. Dettori explained the post-operative instructions and gave me a number to call with any questions or concerns I might have. Dr. Dettori called me the next day to make sure I was doing ok and I was! I would highly recommend Dr. Dettori to anyone who needs a root canal. She is an amazing & talented Doctor who cares about her patients!"
Jana A. -Stuart

November 2015
"I walked into Dr. Dettori's office with some pain and a lot of fear! From the moment I was greeted, however, I knew that my fears were groundless! Thank you, Dr. Dettori, for your professionalism, expertise and patience. Thank you for explaining just enough of the process to make me sit back in your chair and relax. Thank you, the wonderful staff at the office for working together to create a friendly, professional, caring atmosphere. You are the best!"
Rev. Victor U.- Port Saint Lucie

September 2015
"I wanted to write a brief note to say what a wonderful job Dr. Dettori and her entire staff did during my root canal treatment last week. The staff and Dr. Dettori explained the process at every step along the way.  I would recommend Dr. Dettori to anyone who needs this type of treatment. I wish you all the best and hope to see you soon but not too soon."
Mike M. -Pt. St. Lucie