P1030145Post-op Instructions

Endodontic therapy has been completed on your tooth. You must schedule an appointment with your regular dentist to have the tooth restored.

The following information is important regarding the care of your tooth following this appointment.

  • Due to the manipulation of the tooth during the procedure, it may become sore to bite on or to touch. This is normal and may last 3-5 days. Usually, ibuprofen (Advil), acetaminophen (Tylenol) or aspirin every 6-8 hours is all that is needed. If the soreness does not subside in a few days, please contact the office.
  • Prescription pain medication or antibiotics are rarely needed following an appointment, but if you have been prescribed medication, please take it exactly as prescribed on the label.
  • Your temporary filling needs ½ hour to harden. It is important that the tooth remain sealed between appointments. Therefore, if you feel that you have lost the temporary filling, please call the office.
  • At the completion of your root canal, your regular dentist will be sent an x-ray and report informing your treatment here is finished.
  • You will be sent a recall card in 6 months following your root canal so that Dr. Dettori may check your tooth. It is important that the bone supporting the tooth be evaluated to assure proper healing. There is no fee for this appointment.